August Info!

We are so excited to resume cleaning & share our updates with you! 

Thank you deeply for your patience & understanding during this month while we worked intensely to build a better 2 green gals. 

Invoices - we have done internal audits, made corrections, & implemented invoicing for everyone. Please let us know if you find any errors or have any questions. Your bill may have differences, we are adjusting our rates for the first time since we began! We completely understand if that is a hardship to change and are willing to offer a discount if needed. Please feel free to pay less the amount and note for us if you need this allowance going forward. 

If you sign up for email invoices & ACH we will offer a $5 monthly discount

We are also expanding & need more clients - please share our cards, brochures, website or social media with coworkers, fellow church members, friends, & family. We will be leaving behind those in August. With this we will be having new team members join us in September - look for updates!