April Newsletter

Collectively as a community we have had our lives changed in the last few weeks.  The global pandemic of COVID-19 corona virus has had an impact that will define us all. Seeing people react in connection, love, faith, & hope has been a testament to the best of humanity. 

We began procedures to reduce what we brought home while cleaning when Gerrie began chemo in January, including using gloves and a facemask. It provided protection for us and for our clients that enabled us to continue cleaning, once we had confirmed community transmission we, along with Gerrie’s oncology team, made the decision that it was safer for us to be in self isolation. The understanding of us being unable to clean at this time is deeply appreciated. 

We have set up a PayPal with our email below for clients to send us support, as well as the ACH option for payment are ways you can continue to support us as you’re able with normal rates or any amount at this time will make a difference. 

We will be launching a series for tips during these times - please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to watch, listen, and learn together. Send us your questions, topics, or comments on social media or via contact information below!

We are working on possibly hiring or finding a new partner to continue to provide service for those interested - please let us know if you would be at this time, we understand that everyone’s comfort level is different and would like to provide services to those who would continue. We will continue to self isolate for Gerrie’s health until we have testing available for everyone or no new positive cases for over 2 weeks. 

Please always feel free to share any of your concerns during this time where loving each other and our community means taking steps to keep each other safe & healthy - please email 2greengals@gmail.com, text or call Julia at 605.254.5215.


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