January 2020

Happy 2020! 

This New Year we find our focus on intentions - find ways to start small habits that feel joyful & connected. Cleaning is one of the simple joys for 2 green gals - the satisfaction of leaving things better than found, shiny & clean.  

At this time Gerrie will be focused on resting & healing, slowing down can be difficult - the intention of being present in every moment manifests with prayer, music, and simple pleasures like sunshine, plants, bone broth, tea, juice, & custard. We have set up a caring bridge site for updates on her current journey - please let us know if you would like the link.  

For any other communication please email 2greengals@gmail.com, text or call Julia at 605.254.5215.

As you do a review of your budget, remember that we have account information to set up ACH (or auto pay) - please let us know if you’re interested and remember it means your invoice & our monthly note will be emailed only! You’ll get a $5 discount on your monthly bill & help reduce paper use. 

And as a reminder, we offer gift certificates - please share the gift of a clean home with those you think would appreciate what we do and have to offer. A gift certificate makes a wonderful holiday, birthday, or thank you gift. 

We offer a simple $100 spiff up gift certificate and if they join as regular clients, both of you receive $10 off of your bill during their 2nd month of service. 


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