March Newsletter

March 20th is the first official day of spring - hopefully we will have warm weather, robins, and green starting to grow. 

Remember Sunday March 8th is daylight savings time so turn your clocks forward one hour! 

Spring cleaning can include small changes that can make big differences - clearing off counters quarterly, monthly or per visit allows us to clean more thoroughly. You can also still email us if you want to add a spring deep cleaning service to your recurring services - starting at $50 we can tackle areas that you have never thought to clean or have been bothering you (your fridge, under your stove, the front of your cabinets, vents, window sills, etc).

We have been deeply grateful for our clients understanding, flexibility, and support as we navigate our business while Gerrie continues chemo, this business space allows for Julia to provide for her family as well as offer caregiving for Gerrie - thank you for being a part of it. 

Please always feel free to share any of your concerns during this time of transition - please email 2greengals@gmail.com, text or call Julia at 605.254.5215.


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